Basic VPS Information

Thank you for your interest in our Virtual Server offerings. Here we will explain what you should expect with your VPS.

Each VPS will be provisioned to at least the minimum specifications below:

Port Speed: 100Mbps on a shared 250Mbps port
Disk Read Speed: 100MB/s
Disk Write Speed: 100MB/s
RAM Overselling: Never
Allotted Ram: Per Individual plan and no less.
Disk Space Overselling: Never
Fair Share CPU Threshold: 20% for 4 hours
DDoS Protection: 180Gbit without null routing.
IP Addresses: 1 IPv4 address, 5 IPv6 Addresses
vCore: 1 shared core with less than 50% utilization.

No client's VPS perfomance will ever be limited or restricted in any manner by default configuration.

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