VPN Service

Standard VPN Account

  • OpenVPN Based

  • Canada Location

  • 1Gbps Speed

  • 1 DDoS Protected IP Address
  • Unlimited VPN Traffic, no filtering or traffic shaping.
    * VPN setup may take up to 24 hours

  • DDoS Protected Tunnel

    With a DDoS Protected tunnel you can remotely tunnel one of our IP addresses to any location in the world.
    Our tunnel is on a 1gbps port and we can bring our IP's right to your server to provide protection, anonymization, or simply extra ip's to your system.
    This service requires access to your remote server for initial setup, and is provided by submitting a ticket after (or before) payment.

  • Allows incoming and outgoing traffic directly to your assigned ip

  • DDoS Protection up to 380Gbps

  • No Firewalled or closed ports

  • Can be used behind NAT or Router

  • Extra IP's $3.00 per month each